Following our last jam-packed show, we’re back with another loaded episode of “The Pan Dulce Life” podcast with DJ Refresh. This week, the Muzik Junkies from San Diego and DJ Livitup from Miami deliver back-to-back energetic guest mixes. Their respective 30-minute sets contain a variety of genres, including reggaeton, hip-hop, and Latin-influenced dance music.

Hailing from San Diego, the Muzik Junkies is a veteran DJ/producer duo made up of DJ Grande and DJ GQ. They’re best known for their upbeat Latin singles “Cumbiaton” and “A Bailar” featuring Caro. In March, the duo released their moombahton-influenced single, “Brinque.” Fun fact: the Muzik Junkies gave Refresh his first record pool job, so they’ve played a big part in his career path.

Miami’s DJ Livitup is a mixer on Power 96.5 FM on weekdays at noon and a talented open-format club DJ. In addition, he’s played at renowned venues like LIV, Ocean’s Ten, Hyde Beach, and the Clevelander Hotel South Beach.

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