From Seattle to New York City, Episode 9 of The Pan Dulce Life podcast with DJ Refresh takes you coast-to-coast with guest mixes from two amazing DJs: DJ Precision and DJ Willie. The show features an hour of reggaeton, moombahton, Latin-influenced dance music, hip-hop, and more!

First up with a 30-minute set is DJ Precision. Born in Honduras and raised in Seattle, Precision is one of the leading DJs and figures in the Latin urban nightlife scene in Washington. He’s a resident DJ at the Box House and Baltic Room nightclubs.

Closing out the show is DJ Willie from New York City. Willie is a producer, remixer, and DJ who’s currently playing some of the biggest events in NYC. He’s best known for his Latin-influenced house single “Make Some Noise” as well as his other heaters such as “Brincando” and “Ta Bueno.” Check out his music on Spotify

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